About Russell Shaw

I’m passionate about creating original, evocative music with a strong sense of theme, harmony and melody which moves, excites and leaves a lasting impression.

My career started in 1986 when I joined Gerry Anderson (of Thunderbirds fame!) as his in-house audio engineer and recording studio manager at Bray Film Studios in Berkshire – working on projects such as Dick Spanner and Space Precinct.  During my 6 years at Bray I worked on many film, TV and music productions spanning multiple genres.

In 1992 I joined Bullfrog Productions – a video games company in Guildford – as  Audio Director.  I was responsible for the sound and music on titles now regarded as gaming classics.

In 1998 I became a founding member of Lionhead Studios, where I  continued to build on my legacy of sound and music in chart-topping AAA titles and working with full orchestra for the Microsoft Xbox Fable series.

Over the years I’ve been at the forefront of game music innovation. From ‘beeps and boops‘ to huge orchestral scores – it’s been quite a ride! I pioneered many of the techniques and principles still used across the gaming industry today,  including interactive music scoring, use of full orchestra, and bringing a ‘Hollywood’ movie quality to gaming.

I can compose in any style from ethnic, folk, cyberpunk and ambient to full orchestra and choir.

I’ve worked with the Slovak National Symphony and the Philharmonia in London, composing the scores to many large budget game productions and the Sky feature-length drama  ‘The Last Dragonslayer’.

Today I am a freelance composer having founded my own company in 2013. I enjoy working with directors and designers who understand what great music can bring to their productions and my aim has always been to add emotion, excitement and something memorable to all the projects I work on .

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